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Backflow Preventer Certifications:  Installations, Testing, Repairs & Maintenance

Backflow prevention devices are designed to protect your drinking water along with the public water supply from becoming contaminated due to backward water flow. When water flow reverses, contaminated water can siphon from a hose, pool or irrigation system into the  water supply. This non-potable water from the hose or pool then mixes with clean drinking water and can introduce bacteria into the water. People drinking the contaminated water could get sick.

Photo of a backflow prevention device that prevents reversal of water flow in your plumbing system. Xcel Plumbing now tests back flow preventers.

Many municipalities are requiring certifications annually with fines for nonconformance.

Backflow devices include Reduced Pressure Zones (RPZ) Valves and double check valves. These types of devices are installed on your water supply lines to protect your drinking water and the city water supply from contaminants.

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Certify Your Backflow Preventers

Xcel Plumbing & Heating, Inc. has several individuals available to certify your backflow preventers. This work can be done during business hours or after hours and on weekends. The cost of this work is nominal, and we are able to make repairs or replacements if needed. Please contact us to schedule an appointment today to protect your drinking water.

Commercial Backflow Preventers Testing and Residential Backflow Preventers Testing

Xcel is capable of testing backflow preventers at both commercial and residential facilities.

We offer discounts for properties with more than five (5) backflow preventers and can handle properties with 50 or more backflow preventers as we have multiple individuals who are certified to do the work.

Our testers are certified by the New England Water Works Association (NEWWA).

New England Water Works Association - NEWWA Backflow Preventer Testing - Xcel Plumbing

Backflow Prevention Q&As

Normal Waterflow - Backflow Preventer

Normal Waterflow

water flow without backflow preventer device

Without Backflow Device
This Could Occur

water flow with backflow preventer device

With Backflow Device

What is a backflow preventer?

A backflow preventer is a device with valves. This device is installed on the pipe that brings water into your business or home to prevent water from flowing (backward) from your building into the domestic water supply.

Normally, water flows from the water service in the street into your house or business. Sometimes, due to a change in the water pressure within the water supply system, a suction or backward flow is created that causes the water in your water lines to be forced back into the domestic water supply in the street. The water is flowing “backward” as it travels from your home or business back into the domestic water supply. This causes contamination of the potable domestic water supply and could make people sick if they drink this water. The backflow device works automatically to prevent any backward flow of the water from your building.

How does a backflow preventer work?

Ever leave a hose in a bucket and then pick up the bucket? All of the water drains out from the bucket through the hose. This can happen at your house or business. Most of the time the water flows from the water service in the street INTO your building. Sometimes due to a pressure change (water main break, fire department action or other reason), the water in the pipes of your house or business “drains” into the domestic water supply. It happens in a similar way as the hose in the bucket. The backflow preventer stops this from happening by preventing water from being able to flow backward into the domestic water system.

Why do I need a backflow preventer?

A backflow preventer reduces the chance that non-potable water siphons back into the domestic water supply through the piping in your house or business. Sometimes due to pressure changes in the water system, water from a hose or a bucket containing a hose can be siphoned back into the domestic water supply. Yes, the water actually flows backward through the water piping in your home or business. This backward flow creates a situation where non-potable water is mixing with potable water. If this happens, it could inadvertently introduce contaminants (soap, dirt, bacteria) into the drinking water and could contaminate the water supply. Consumption of this contaminated water could cause people to get sick.

How long does it take to install a backflow preventer?

The backflow preventer device is installed on your water supply line near where the water comes into the business or home. Installation takes about two hours.