Commercial Backflow Preventer
Testing & Certification

Backflow Preventer Testings and Certifications for Commercial and Multi-Family Residential Properties

Looking for multi-family residential and/or commercial backflow preventer testing?

Xcel Plumbing & Heating Inc. offers backflow preventer testing and certification services to help you stay in compliance with New Jersey building and fire codes.

Commercial Backflow Preventer Testing and Certification by Xcel Plumbing

Discounts are provided for properties with five or more devices, and Xcel can handle testing for properties with 50 or more backflow preventer devices.

New Jersey regulations require commercial and multi-family properties to install backflow preventers on all cross-connection points in their water and sprinkler systems where there is the potential for contaminated water to mix with the property’s potable water supply. These devices must be installed by a certified contractor and approved every year. Xcel Plumbing offers certified backflow preventer testing services with several testers on staff to address your needs at your convenience, during or outside of regular business hours.

Commercial Backflow Preventer Testing Q & As

How often do backflow preventers need to be certified?

Federal and state laws require all backflow preventers to be certified once a year.

Do I need one backflow preventer for each water meter?

Yes, a backflow preventer needs to be installed on each water supply coming into your commercial or multi-family residential property.

Who determines what properties need a backflow preventer?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJ DEP) have established guidelines on the type of facilities and businesses that need a backflow preventer. Local water companies are enforcing the installation and certification of backflow preventers in our area. Backflow preventers should be checked by a licensed professional every year to confirm the devices are working properly. If a device is not working repairs or replacement should be made.

Does Xcel Plumbing & Heating, Inc. install backflow preventers?

Yes. Xcel Plumbing & Heating, Inc. offers a comprehensive service program and has several certified technicians on staff to install and certify backflow preventers. Xcel will install the backflow preventer, certify the system and then upload the certificate to the water department—a service that makes this process very easy for the consumer. Xcel will also send customers a reminder to conduct the recertification of their device as needed.

Commercial Backflow Preventer Testing — When to Test

Local municipalities are responsible for scheduling and conducting inspections of commercial backflow preventer devices. To ensure compliance with local building and fire codes, these devices are required to be certified before final inspection and at least annually thereafter. Be sure to check with your local municipality as some areas require quarterly commercial backflow preventer testing.

Note that inspectors are not permitted to conduct testing; this must be done by a certified commercial backflow preventer device tester. Our testers are certified by the New England Water Works Association.

Commercial Backflow Preventer Certifications — What’s Included

Xcel Plumbing will certify our testing results in writing and include:

  • date of testing
  • type and location of devices tested
  • results of testing
  • signature of qualified tester

Once this information is provided to the local inspector, you can expect to receive a Certificate of Compliance which meets both building and fire code requirements and is good for a period of one year.

The Xcel Plumbing Advantage

Not all commercial backflow preventer devices are equal. Different cross-connections pose different risks which may require the use of different types of backflow prevention based on the degree of the hazard. Our qualified commercial backflow preventer testers can easily identify these differences and ensure the proper device is being used. Should you have the wrong device or a faulty device on any connection point, our technicians are prepared to replace or repair your backflow preventer so that it meets regulatory standards, saving you both time and money.

Our commercial backflow preventer testing is done at a nominal cost, and we offer discounts for properties with five or more devices. We have several qualified testers on site and can handle testing for properties with 50 or more backflow preventer devices. Call (973) 770-1611 today to schedule your testing.