New Construction Plumbing & HVAC

  • Specialists in Underground Work
  • Non-Union Work
  • As-Drawn Plans and Value-Engineered Projects
  • Installation of New Construction Plumbing and Heating Systems for Residences – Single Family and Multistory Apartments and Condos
  • Work for General Contractors and Construction Management Companies
    New Construction Plumbing Installs by Xcel Plumbing

    Specialists in Underground Work

    Use of Topcon Positioning System for underground pipe installation.

    • allows for precise pipe placement with efficiency, and
    • minimizes the need to move pipes after concrete pour.

    Equipment for New Construction Plumbing

    Xcel owns two excavators and a skid steer which allows us to do our own underground pipe and water main installation. This allows us to provide our customers with savings in terms of time, and scheduling is much more fluid as we do not need with coordinate with the site contractor to install the underground work.

    Topcon Positioning for Underground Work

    Xcel uses a Topcon Positioning to place the piping for underground work. We specifically use the Topcon CN100 Total Station and Topcon FC500 Data Collector. The use of this surveying equipment allows us to precisely place our piping so that all of our pipes fall in line with the walls of the foundation and framed walls. The use of the Topcon Positioning System also allows Xcel to avoid the need to move pipes and jackhammer floors as we have the proper placement the first time. Additionally, the Topcon Positioning System allows us to identify and point out any deviations in the foundation and framing as the work is underway when corrections are most easily made.

    Topcon Positioning System Trained

    Our crew that installs the underground plumbing has training with the Topcon Positioning System which, in combination with us owning our excavation equipment, allows us to produce a clean install of the underground and complete the work in less time.

    Energy Star Evaluation of HVAC Work

    Duct blaster to test all ductwork for energy efficiency prior to Energy Star Testing for an improved success rate with Energy Star Compliance Inspections. 

      In-House Duct Fabrication

      Fabrication equipment to make box duct work for our contract work. This allows for better installation efficiency and customization of the material requirements (insulation and mastic coverage).

      How Xcel Can Help You?

      Whether you are involved in a multi-family dwelling project or a business / industrial construction project, Xcel has the skills to estimate, source and build the Plumbing and HVAC components of your project.

      Xcel Plumbing & Heating, Inc. welcomes the opportunity to bid on large projects and, if awarded the contract, we will get the job done right and in an expeditious manner.

      Photo of calculator, measuring table and blue prints for new construction plumbing

      Construction Estimates

      Xcel has a fully-staffed estimating department to handle HVAC and Plumbing bids for single-family and multistory residential projects as well as all types of business / warehouse projects.
      Photo of plumbing install on new construction

      Single Family Homes

      Xcel specializes in the installation of plumbing and HVAC systems on newly constructed homes. We have experience on homes ranging from track homes to high-end, fully customized homes. Our customer list includes Beazer Homes, Orleans Home Builders, Toll Brothers, and Segal and Morel.
      Photo of new contruction commercial building where Xcel installed plumbing systems

      Commercial Projects

      Commercial and multi-story residential units represent a significant portion of Xcel’s work. We have installed the plumbing and/or HVAC systems in a large number of day care centers, apartment buildings, churches, office buildings and medical centers. In addition, Xcel has been contracted to retrofit the plumbing and/or HVAC in existing office buildings and warehouses.